Regan NCAA Tournament Index 3/8/2017 (games through Tuesday 3/7/2017)

It’s easy for Syracuse – win today and they are in.  Lose and they go to the NIT.

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A few notes on my projected field:

  • The team assumed to get the automatic bid for each conference is the highest team in the ratings currently eligible for the bid. In other words, it isn’t necessarily the team with the best conference record.
  • There will likely be one or more bids stolen by conference tourney winners this week that wouldn’t have received an at large bid otherwise. So if a team is one of the last 4 in now, they will likely need to improve their profile to receive an at large bid on Selection Sunday.
  • There is significant separation between a few of the teams ranked next to each other.  Please look at the Index output linked below to see how close/far teams are from each other.  A difference of 1.00 between teams ranked next to each other is average.

Full numerical output of the Regan Index based on games through 3-7-2017

The projected field as of March 8, 2017 (in order from left to right on each seed line.) Assumed automatic bids are the team from each conference that is highest in the index.

1 Villanova Kansas Gonzaga North Carolina
2 Kentucky Louisville Baylor Florida
3 Oregon UCLA Butler Duke
4 Purdue Arizona Florida St West Virginia
5 Virginia SMU Cincinnati Maryland
6 Notre Dame Iowa St Minnesota Wisconsin
7 St Mary’s CA Creighton Oklahoma St Dayton
8 South Carolina Arkansas Wichita St Miami FL
9 Michigan Virginia Tech VCU Wake Forest
10 Marquette Seton Hall Xavier Northwestern
11 Michigan St Providence Vanderbilt/Kansas St. MTSU
12 USC/Rhode Island UNC Wilmington Nevada UT Arlington
13 ETSU Princeton Vermont Bucknell
14 Winthrop Akron New Mexico St FL Gulf Coast
15 Iona Northern Kentucky UC Irvine Jacksonville St
16 E Washington S Dakota St Tx Southern/NC Central TX A&M CC/Mt St. Mary’s
Last 4 BYES Xavier Northwestern Michigan St Providence
Last 4 IN Vanderbilt USC Rhode Island Kansas St.
1st 4 OUT Illinois St. Iowa Syracuse Illinois
2nd 4 OUT Clemson Georgia Indiana California

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